Wednesday, 19 April 2017


What started as a wish to develop art that included my interest for accumulating stamps, led me to the creative productions called The USA Postal Stamp Collection Figurines.
Using mannequins, I made porcelain figurines with actual postal stamps. Every porcelain figurine has actually instilled the life as well as design stood for by stamps. My porcelain figurines show such fantastic stamps as: Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, The 1996 Olympic Athletes, The tales of Baseball, The Hollywood Beast Collection, Monster, Dracula, The Phantom of the Opera, The Mommy, The Wolf male, The traditional Dolls of the Americas and also numerous others.
I lately gave away 3 items of United States Postal Stamp porcelain figurines to the Firemen Gallery of New York, Secaucus Collection situated in New Jacket and also the Port Authority of New York. These Porcelain figurines illustrate the Firemen Stamp showing thetragic occasion of September 11 2001, which we as Americans will certainly never ever fail to remember.

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