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Collaborations To Go BAPE For!

Ask any urban street styler what their favourite brand is and they will all most likely agree - it has to be BAPE, or by its full name A Bathing Ape. Since the label’s inception in the early 90s, BAPE has become an integral part of street culture due to its edgy, easily-recognizable style.

Ask Pharrell Williams, Jay-Z and Kanye West - just some of the famous faces who have worn this iconic brand over the years. In celebration of its iconic style, we take a look at some of BAPE’s most memorable collaborations over the years.

The Early Years

BAPE made its first collaboration, with Casio’s G-Shock no less, the pairing made style history. In fact, rumour has it that only 1000 pieces of the original design were ever made! They’ve made several collaborations from then on, including the DW-6900 last year. Then came a collaboration that would set the tone for all others: BAPE and Pepsi. In a first for soft drink companies, Pepsi teamed up with designer Nigo to create unique camo-covered soda cans. The duo even made history - to this day, it’s the least expensive item to come from BAPE. The BAPE/Pepsi cans were sold for only $1 from specially branded vending machines at BAPE flagship stores.

Icons of the Game

No list of epic BAPE collaborations would be complete without one of the most legendary duos of all time - BAPE and KAWS. In 2005, two of the most recognizable names in street culture teamed up to create the iconic “Chomper” Bapestas using KAWS’ famed artistic designs and Nigo’s love for extremely colorful palettes.

Or how about BAPE’s incredible capsule collection for Def Jam Recordings in 2015? To celebrate the company’s ten-year anniversary, BAPE worked along with Def Jam artists to create one-of-a-kind garments featuring a new grey, white and purple camouflage print.
Fast forward to 2017, and another instant classic collection was born. BAPE joined forces with Champion to create a capsule collection of spring/summer essentials all featuring that sought-after BAPE camouflage.

Adidas x Keith Haring x Fila
Among the upcoming collaborations is Adidas. According to a Supreme Leak new site it’s suppose to have the original Samba look, and while there’s only mockups available, anything that’s Adids x Bape is usually hyped. And then there’s the Keith Haring flight jacket which combines Haring’s well known characters and Nigos’ classic cameo pattern. And finally we have to mention the Fila who’s doing combined logos printed over tees, sweatshirts and pants. If you want more, Hypebeast is pretty solid when it comes to Bape news and most clothes can be found at China Haul.

Top 10 Unusual Supreme Tees

While there’s a ton of box logo Supreme tees, the super hyped NYC clothing company have made a few tees, collaborations, and other items which have gone under the radar. We list our favorites.

The Thriller era Michael Jackson might have been the most badass. So it’s no wonder Supreme snagged the rights to this iconic photo and printed for their 2017 summer release. This is the t-shirt, in black.

There are a few different Akira clothes from Supreme, all based on the cult classic anime. But this hoodie with the arm illustration is my personal favorite. And it’s becoming more and more rare as the “pill” version has become the go-to Akira and Supreme variant. If you want to stay unique, grab this one.

While they’ve made many works together with Undercover, the red and black version of their “Seven Samurai” t-shirt might have been the most dope. And for those who want, there’s also the blue version.

Supreme is known to produce some out there, bonkers and crazy clothes and items. The 17SS M.C. Escher collage t-shirt is certainly one of them. Maurits Cornelis Escher was a Dutch artist and graphic artist who devoted himself to exploring the mysteries of mathematics and philosophy using art.

So this isn’t unusual. Or a tee. So what is it doing on the list? Simply because it’s super comfortable and a must have hoodie. As a replica it isn’t crazy pricey either.

These sweats are, just like their CDG collaboration, super comfortable. Note that these are from the 2017 Summer/Spring SS17 brand, and not the 2014. Big difference here.

About Supreme

To be Supreme you have to be wealthy and patient. Barely out and already out of stock. It's the Supreme madness In over twenty years, the brand has tweaked its market, expanded its collection, cultivated a marketing of scarcity and intensified the collaborations it distributes in its eleven shops open to the four corners of the world with three in United States, two in Europe and six in Japan.

Every Thursday, the store hosts a restocking. To access it, you must be patient and accept to enter the waiting game. We say well wait but first, you have to register on Monday evening. For this, it is necessary to do the first queue for several hours. Once you’re done you retrieve a registration number.

Then, armed with this precious ticket, it is time to go to the Supreme store on Thursday at 9:30 am and form a new lengthy queue. Of the 2,500 people present on average, only 500 are selected by random. The others see their ticket torn one by one after being called by the staff throughout the morning. A real heartbreaker. And one of the reasons fans have to go the replica way, many of which turn to China resellers like

On the Internet, resale sites are multiplying. eBay and Supreme Talk are just a few of the sites specialized in the second market. Like the StockX auction platform that offers to find the best price for both parties. Initially specialized in the sale of sneakers with limited editions, StockX has been offering the opportunity to buy Supreme clothing at a price defined by hype. It’s a mad mad world.


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Today we’re gonna talk a little about Zapier today, and what Zapier is – in its core – it’s just a way to connect software.

How To Use Zapier - Beginner's Edition

Today we’re gonna talk a little about Zapier today, and what Zapier is – in its core – it’s just a way to connect software.

Saturday, 24 March 2018

The Best Gourmand White Wines

Château-Grillet would be a contender for the world’s most beautiful vineyard if it weren’t for the billowing smokestacks of Chemical Valley across the river. From high among the estate’s 3.5ha of terraced Viognier, surveying the Rhone Valley’s post-war industrial heartland soon dispels any delusions of wholesome rural living, not that Noble Rot is complaining. As one of less than ten visitors a year to this hallowed chåteau-cum-monopole- appellation, we’re lucky to be here. “It’s not that we don’t want guests, we just make such little wine that we’d soon run out,” says Grillet’s Italian ex-lawyer turned winemaker, Alessandro Noli. A century ago, when white wines were celebrated for their richness and texture, the likes of Fernand Point and Curnonsky regarded Chåteau-Grillet as the equal of Le Montrachet and Chåteau d’Yquem, before decades of inconsistent winemaking tarnished its reputation. Now well into a process of modernisation initiated after Francois Pinault’s 2011 acquisition, it could be easy to be cynical about another iconic estate bought by a billionaire businessman. That is until the sublime 2014 Chåteau-Grillet passes your lips. A classic Rhone mix of apricots, pears, cream and minerals, its fine, oily texture and glycerine-rich salinity make it a perfect example of a gourmand white. “From the great terroirs of Burgundy, wines like Montrachet and Meursault can be beautiful at 30 years old,” says Noli.“Chateau- Grillet is this kind of wine.”

Fresh and svelte

Rich, fat and floral when the Zeitgeist is for svelte and fresh wines, Northern Rhone whites are suffering an image problem. Grown in the shadow of the world’s finest Syrah, and accounting for 3% of the Rhone Valley’s annual production, even the regional growers’ association’s marketing slogan - ‘Think Red, Think Cotes du Rhone’ - suggests a huge disconnect with these styles. Historically the match for cuisine bourgeois, the Viognier of Chåteau-Grillet and surrounding appellation of Condrieu, and the Marsanne-Roussanne blends of StJoseph, St Péray and Hermitage are as out of step with modern drinkers’ tastes as the dairy-rich dishes they so perfectly compliment. Yet anyone who’s eaten quenelles Lyonnais (pike quenelles) with a glass of Georges Vernay Condrieu ‘Coteau du Vernon’, probably can’t help getting a little dewy eyed at the thought of such old-school indulgence.
Today, texture has become a dirty word, eschewed in favour of ‘precision’ and ‘minerality’ - worthy qualities in themselves, but terms increasingly in jeopardy of becoming synonyms for elevated levels of acidity. Northern Rhone whites aren’t the only victims. Burgundy vineyards such as Meursault-Charmes and Båtard- Montrachet now regularly receive sneers for their richness, and it even seems to have become fashionable with some to claim to dislike the Domaine de la Romanée-Contfs historically late-harvested Montrachet.

The war on fat

Lifestyles and cuisines have changed, of course. The war on fat has vanquished dishes laden with butter and cream as unhealthy choices, and the wines which married so well with them have become collateral casualties. Food and wine pairing today is often more about cancellation - neutralizing the heat of a Thai curry with a sweet Riesling, for instance - than it is about synergy. The profound things that happen in the mouth when those creamy quenelles Lyonnais meet a great white Rhone are harder to explain and predict. It’s natural, too, for individual palates to vary: the glossy, glycerine-laden attack of a great Chave Hermitage Blanc simply isn’t for everyone. But whatever happened to a diversity of tastes?

Can’t we appreciate the raciness of Saar Kabinett and the buxom exuberance of great Condrieu?

Part of the problem is that texture has been debased. The confectionary sweetness and alcoholic warmth of much New World Chardonnay, ample but devoid of dimension or complexity, cloying rather than glossy, has tainted the world’s great gourmand whites by association. Not all imitation, after all, is flattery, and modern wine making and warmer climates make texture easier than ever to attain. If we’re to defend textural whites from obsolescence, we need to be able to explain what differentiates Rombauer Chardonnay from Ramonet Båtard-Montrachet, but vinous discourse simply hasn’t kept pace.
Today’s wine tasting notes attempt to analyse a bouquet’s kaleidoscopic complexity, invoking a litany of fruits and flowers, herbs and spices. But once the wine hits the palate, critics’ enthusiasm seems to ebb, their lip-service to balance, structure and persistence communicating enthusiasm or disapproval, but all too often failing to differentiate one bottle from another. After all, a Blanc de Blancs Champagne and a Chambertin may both be focused and precise - but they could hardly be more different. In fact, when it comes to texture English vocabulary is remarkably limited.

French is more succinct: wines can have muscles (muscles), gras (fat), charpente (a frame); they can be came (blocky), droit (direct), or velouté (velvety); and in reds tannins can be vert (green), sec (dry), dur (hard), or fondu (melted). Such terms can be translated, but many are inherently ambiguous and jar with the Anglophone critic’s pretensions to scientific precision. (Is that velvet medium-plus or medium-minus?)

Even across the Channel there are murmurings that texture is now neglected. “Until the 1970s, we would taste with the tastevin”, says the godfather of grower Champagne Anselme Selosse, remembering the shallow silver saucers once used for sampling in the cellar. “But then they developed the INAO glass and everything changed. In modern oenology aroma and colour take precedence over taste and texture.


     2 2006 Chateau Rayas Blanc
     3 2014 Georges Vernay Condrieu Coteau de Vernon
     4 1999 Leflaive Bienvenues-Båtard-Montrachet
     5 2007 André Perret Condrieu Coteau du Chéry
     6 1995 Kalin Cellars Chardonnay Cuvée CH
     7 2014 Domaine des Comtes Lafon Meursault-Charmes
     8 2014 Domaine de la Bongran Viré-Clessé
     9 2014 Chåteau-Grillet
     10 2010 Chateau des Tours Cotes-du- Rhone Blanc

And of course, that’s what glasses emphasize. For me, however, terroir is in the taste, not the aromas.” This is a philosophy that Selosse shares with his friend, Jacky Rigaux, a Burgundian writer best known for his work about the late Henri Jayer. “In the era of the tastevin, direct olfaction was accorded little importance; wines were assessed in the mouth,” Rigaux says. “But that changed with the advent of ‘sensory analysis’. It was Jules Chauvet who said that olfaction is ‘20,000 times more important than taste.’” Have enologists’ priorities changed what we prioritize in the glass? Selosse and Rigaux both say they have.
Back in the Northern Rhone some 40 miles south of Chåteau- Grillet, Jean-Louis Chave contemplates the future of gourmand whites from his winery in the backstreets of Mauves.
“To like white Hermitage you need to be a gastronome because the only way to think about it is with a dish,” he says between sips of 1998 Chave Hermitage Blanc, a luxuriously textured wine if ever there was one. “But also how people talk about white wine has dramatically changed. Take the language people used to use about Burgundy. When I started making wine it was about being ‘buttery’, ‘soft’ and ‘rich’ - today it’s all about being ‘mineral’ and ‘tight’; the complete opposite. In the past the Grand Vins were rich, so why would you want to drink a skinny Grand Vin today?” Like so much about fashion it doesn’t seem to make much sense, but here in Mauves, at least, these sumptuous whites are alive and well. As tastes inevitably come full-circle and the uncool becomes cool, maybe one day the world will fall back in love with their charms.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

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